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How Much Upholstery Shops Charge to Reupholster a Couch or Chair?

Quite frankly, it's difficult to put a finger on how much upholstery shops charge to reupholster a couch or chair!

However, to give you a slight idea of how much you will need to spend, the average price range according to consumer reports is around $340 to $970.

The range is not too straightforward though—some projects may be as little as $40 for a dining room chair while more ambitious projects involving larger pieces may cost you at least $1500.

Since upholstering furniture means taking a client's set of preferences and incorporating them into a new or revised product (say, a large sofa), costs to reupholster furniture come down to what your furniture really needs and your preferences as a client.

In this brief guide, we'll help you understand what upholstery shops take into account when pricing reupholstered chair (or other) project for clients looking to resurrect their furniture—and hopefully help you navigate the least expensive route to reupholstering valuable pieces in your home. 

What Does it Mean to Reupholster Furniture?

There's plenty of confusion on what reupholstering furniture really is about. One of the most common misconceptions is that reupholstering is just about fabric.

While fabric may play a central role in upholstery work (given that it's the most obvious), there is a lot more to it.

Reupholstery is a time and labor intensive process and involves a lot of hands-on workmanship. It's almost as tedious as building a new furniture—sometimes even more difficult than building one from scratch.

These projects take more than just replacing the fabric—the work put in by craftsmen on each piece involves a whole lot, including stripping away everything down to the frame, reinforcing the frame and joints, replacing and/or re-tie coil springs.

Then there is a series of intricate steps of filling, padding, placing the fabric properly; as if off a showroom floor.

In addition, we check whether or not the wood can or should be replaced. And even in instances where wood doesn't need replacement, we will clean up wood, using all natural products, and offer matching patterns, hand tufting, channel backs, and fabric protection coatings, to name a few other tasks involved in the process.

Sounds a lot of work, right?

The price might be right. Although the restoration process is interestingly complex, custom furniture isn't necessarily more costly than ready-made pieces from a showroom or chain store, and can even be less expensive—with good advice from upholstery experts who want the best for their clients (and their furniture!).

What is the Least Expensive Route to Reupholster a Couch?

Let's say you want to reupholster your couch and you're wondering whether reupholstering your furniture is the best decision (from a financial standpoint).

Is there a least expensive route to reupholster a couch? This question will best be answered by determining a few things first.

Fabric isn't the only one to watch out for.
For instance, if the springs, padding, and frame are all in great shape and all you're looking for is new fabric, it's a lot less expensive.

However, in my experience, by the time people are ready to have something reupholstered, it's also the same time to begin thinking about replacing some of the insides depending on how worn down it is upon arrival.

Listen to your furniture.
One of the main things you can do is simply listen to your furniture, that is. Normally, it will give off subtle hints; such as the springs; which you will be able to hear (quite literally), when you sit or move around. That is one surefire way to know, that they will also need to be replaced.

At the end of the day, the last thing we want is for you to walk away unhappy, because we didn't advice properly and now you have this fabulous fabric covering a squeaky sofa with padding that seeps low as if worn.

Don't wait too long. Another piece of advice I can offer is that don't wait too long to have your furniture repaired or reupholstered. Especially if you want to maximize your savings in the long run, make sure to bring your furniture to an upholstery shop when you see signs of wear and tear.

Can I Use My Own Fabric to Reupholster Furniture?

Short answer: Yes.

It is not necessarily advised, but we will work with clients if they have their own fabric. Now, we will advise not to, if they haven't already purchased and there are many reasons for this.

The main reason and most important is every fabric contains its own unique set of characteristics. If a client brings in their own fabric, we can't guarantee the protection; since characteristics are unknown.

This is why we highly recommend stopping by the shop, reviewing some of the books, consulting with one of us and making a decision together to suit your needs and so you have the protection and guarantee coverage you so deserve.

To Lose it, Or RE-Use it: That is the Question!

So, should you consider upholstery work or are you better off with other choices?

The thing is, if you're reading this article, you're already leaning towards restoring your furniture. And why not—reupholstery works for almost everyone, especially if we're talking about solid pieces of furniture with great potential.

Whether you're considering reupholstery for sentimental reasons (to preserve an heirloom or to relive precious memories) or for financial reasons (you don't want to spend a lot on new furniture), it's great to visit an upholsterer for advice regarding your furniture.

Your upholsterer will tell you if your furniture is worth reupholstering and give you smart insights on what you can or can't do with your things.

If you wish to breathe new life into your furniture, hire an upholsterer with a solid background in transforming vintage furniture into durable works of art, like us at Al's Re-Upholstering Service, Inc.—we've been in the business of saving furniture since 1958!

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