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Is Your Furniture Worth Reupholstering?

The simple answer, if it is an old solid piece of furniture, then yes!

Well before the furniture was made overseas in less than 30 minutes on an assembly line or better put together in your home with illustrations, furniture was built to last for many generations.

Chances are if you have an old piece of furniture you already know that it's worth the money to reupholster. 

Now, this is not to say that some furniture made today doesn't qualify for re-upholstered, but what this does mean is that it just really depends on you. 
If you are okay purchasing furniture every couple of years, then perhaps that may be the best avenue to take. This path many do embark on while comparing prices searching for an inexpensive short-term investment. My advice purchase something from the beginning that you really love; which is of higher quality and built to last. 

Signs to Look For in Your Furniture

One example would be if you have a well-made frame, it's probably worth it. Other examples would be furniture; such as antiques; which always tend to be of a higher caliber. Conceivably, you may have something from the early 30's or 40's just laying around your home. This piece may even have dowel joints rather than glue holding it together with just few staples on plywood. If so, then this would best fit the description as something that you would really want to retain.

Also, another clear indicator that your furniture is well-worth reupholstering is if you notice your furniture is made with coil springs and made of solid wood.

In the End, It's Your Decision

There are even times when someone wishes to hold onto a piece of manufactured furniture.  Whether it be for sentimental reasons and any other they may wish to reupholster it. Whatever the reason, please do make sure you can justify the costs to reupholster and have weighed out all options available.

Lastly, one other way you can know if your furniture is worth reupholstering is to consult a professional.  Together, with trusted advice from a industry professional, you can calculate the costs correctly.  Given that each piece of furniture is unique in its design,
 send us an email with several images in different angles and a brief summary of what you are wishing to achieve. By doing so, we can quickly send back some information, along with an estimate in order to help you make the best choice available for you and your family.

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Friday, 14 May 2021

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