Custom-Made Furniture


Manufactured VS. Custom-Made Furniture

In today's society where convenience and speed dictate our decisions, we tend to forget the simple yet elegant touches of style built to last long enough to appreciate it. It's very easy to jump into an outlet store; such as IKEA, Rooms-to-Go and other manufactured furniture stores. To simply choose from a limited color and fabric selection or if you like, pick an entire room and have it delivered same day.

Corporate America would have you believe that creating your own custom furniture could be stressful, overwhelming and yes, costly. Why would anyone want to have an original long-lasting piece, instead of having the same interior Homestyle as their neighbors, right?!

There seems to be a loss of understanding regarding the entire process; which can be walked through by a professional who truly cares. Made-in-America is not a fade; which at times seems to be misleading. It should be the difference between receiving something special and well-made from having some or the entire piece assembled in a third-world country where underpaid, over-worked humans slap glue and staples just to meet deadlines and of course cut-costs.

Custom Making Your Options

Why not, create your own original custom-made upholstered furniture. Be a part of the decision making from selecting or creating of the design to the type of fabric and much more. Discuss options along-side a professional who has been in business long before manufactured furniture sadly became the trend. Together as a team, you can create something magical that will become the talk at your next gathering.

Timing is Everything

Depending on whether you have an idea of what you would like or if you are coming into the shop with a blank canvas ready to explore all of your options. It will take a while to design and build custom furniture; which is why it's important to establish a timeline. Unfortunately, there is not an exact amount of time; we can mention; as the time you decide to move forward, the season, the amount of work involved, how long it takes to have fabric arrive and more all play a significant role. At best if we had to give a worst-case; it would be safe to say anywhere between 6-8 weeks.

The choice is yours, but if you ask Al and his team, you would have an honest opinion after breaking down the pros and cons based on your individual needs and wants. In the end, making sense of whether or not it's good for you should always be the first question.

Is it Worth Getting Your Old or Antique Furniture ...


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Friday, 14 May 2021

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