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Al's Re-Upholstering Service, Inc. 

An upholstery shop is only as good as the foundation.  This can be said for many things in life; including your furniture at your home or place of work.  Without a solid structure, expectations to stand the test of time is simple put, futile.   Al's Re-Upholstering is one such upholstery business.  Established since 1958, this shop remains standing through all the test of times.

No Ordinary Upholstery Shop

Just as Leonardo loved to paint, owner Al Gonsalves is truly someone who loves what he does each and every day.   To say Al Gonsalves is just an upholsterer is to say Leonardo is just a painter.  They both can be compared to an artist.  It's a skill that must be mastered over time.  A technique; which involves both experience and hands-on workmanship.  Even till this day, you just can't get him to retire and as Al would say, "upholsterers don't die, they recover". 

Along-side working with a team of interior designers and equipped with the knowingness that communication is key, Al and his highly skilled team have been delivering his guarantee for both quality and craftsmanship to each and every client.  While humble and respectful of his clients' confidentiality, we are at liberty to divulge a few, which include; Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Phil Donahue, and Arnold Palmer.

Upholsterer's Armory

Equipped with hundreds of samples and fabrics from brands such as Robert Allen, Kravet,  Duralee, Lee Jofa, Schumacher, Waverly and Stout, United fabric; along with offering selections ranging in leather, mohair and many others, it is truly recommended to stop in to truly grasps a full understanding of all of your fantastic options available.

Experience the Difference

At Al's Re-Upholstering you can expect to enjoy quality custom handmade furniture from an upholstery business that truly loves what they do.

Honest, passionate, committed and experienced, who else would you rather trust?!

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